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Protection of Fire Escapes

Peter Lagomarsino June 29, 2018

Residential fire escapes: reasons you need to protect them

Everyone knows not to use elevators in a fire accident and to use fire escapes instead. But what happens if the exit is blocked? It’s simple: nobody will be able to get out! While commercial buildings are usually constructed with the emergency exits as one of the key aspects, man . . .

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Architecture of American fire escapes

admin June 22, 2018

Revisiting varying levels for architecture that create captivating results

Fire escapes have been an integral part of American society for a long time. Though most of the earlier ones were added as an afterthought and considered external solutions to offer people safe exits, many believe they have lost their glory days and are now just white elephants of t . . .

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The Best Time for Shadow Photography

Peter Lagomarsino June 8, 2018

Importance of shadow effect photography: Key reasons uncovered

While lighting is crucial for capturing breathtaking photographs, shadows are equally important to good composition. Proper use of light and shadow in photography can transform any simple image into eye-catching contrasting form visuals. The proper interplay bet . . .

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Fire Escapes and Alleys: Outdoor Living Rooms

Peter Lagomarsino June 1, 2018

From emergency escapes to leisurely retreats: Revisiting the journey of home fire escapes

Today, for many people living in tenements or residential buildings, fire escapes act as nothing more than refreshing balconies. But that’s not why they were constructed that way since they were designed as emergency exits in the cas . . .

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State Demography (R vs. D) and Egress Regulation

Peter Lagomarsino May 25, 2018

Egress window requirements: A comprehensive overview to depict how crucial they are for fire safety

To define egress, it’s a means or place of exit. In the event of a fire, anything from poles affixed to the outside of a building to ropes fastened to window ledges used to offer ways for trapped people to leave. Y . . .

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