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The Tallest Fire Escapes

Peter Lagomarsino May 18, 2018

Are external fire escapes set to become extinct after being considered clunky, useless accessories?

From helping building occupants escape to safety to being ogled at as architectural marvels and being appreciated for their beautiful yet functional designs, fire escapes across the world have had stories to tell. Add to the . . .

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A Complete Guide to Fire Escapes

Peter Lagomarsino May 11, 2018

Fire Escapes Ladders: Everything You Want to Know

It’s always important to be prepared for any adverse situation, but being ready becomes even more applicable when it comes to fires, especially in residential buildings. An uncontrolled fire can easily lead to loss of lives, property damage, and other hazards, thus making . . .

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Rhythm and Repetition: The Missing Keys in Today’s Art Design

Peter Lagomarsino May 4, 2018

Fundamental elements of art design every art enthusiast must understand

Creating memorable artwork is more than just a great idea or inspiration. Instead, it’s all about having a clear understanding of the basic components and principles of artistic creativity. Though you could spend years studying the elements of art and . . .

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Shape and Shadow in Architecture

Peter Lagomarsino April 27, 2018

Key aspects about modern architecture everyone must know

What exactly does modern or contemporary architecture stand for? The answer can trigger confusion as many think of it as newly constructed buildings with only practicality at its source. But the reality is far from this citizen archi9tects view. Contemporary architect . . .

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Follow the Fire Exit

Peter Lagomarsino April 20, 2018

Fire exit safety tips to remember

In an ideal world, no emergency (such as a fire outbreak) should occur. However, there’s no telling when and where an accident will break out in the real world. Should it happen, one should not be overcome with panic. Instead, the best way to deal with such a situation is to formulate a s . . .

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